Remember how I said not long ago that I was almost out of old comics to update? Well the time is upon us.
I have 2 more old comics to go and began producing new ones. The 19-25 of you who visit this webcomic daily may be wondering what this means. Well for one it means, I most likely won't be able to update this comic daily like I have been doing. I will however update it at least once a week, so don't think I'm going to do what some webcomics do where I disappear for half-a-year without so much as a word. I hope slightly slower updates doesn't turn you off.

So tonight I made a new template for comics. I'll continue to experiment with this new template. Not everything will adhere to it. Format change will happen! Sometimes.

Here is one of the new Dustbunny comics. Drawn today. The last two original ones I'll post in a few days or so probably with another new one not long afterwards.

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