THE COMICS BEGIN: A bit of backstory.

The dustbunnies are characters that I came up with sometime during high school most likely during Physics class or Chemistry because I hated both of those particular classes. Hated them with a black sort of hate. The sort of hate that froths in your subconscious, making you think dark and rather horrible things. Angsty high school kind of things.
REGARDLESS, those were good times, in retrospect. Perhaps the only truly good times of my schooldays. Me, Mike, and Eric. Fuckin' around, and drawing comics all day. Originally each dustbunny comic simply followed a group of random microscopic characters as they went about some short silly adventure I had come up with for them. There was no continuity or even a real setting. But then both of those things slowly found their way into the comic series.
Reccurring characters as well. And themes. Stuff commonly found in more respectable comics.
The Dustbunnies comics were eventually going to open up into a completely different bigger universe of comics where they were the unknowing pawns who would save the day completely by accident when an ancient doomsday machine underneath a hotel was activated. Which pertained to events in a completely different comic I was making at the time about a cyborg kid who tries to use his hotel business to lure in demons so he could steal their powers or something ridiculous. That idea never went anywhere, but the Dustbunnies I kept makin em.

Originally they all looked the same, too.
Then I came to the realization that due to their simplicity, adding features was a piece of cake. Then I started adding other species and it all became a big microbiological clustercuss.

You'll probably be able to tell which comics or older and which ones are newer just by how they are drawn.

Anyway. That's enough backstory about why these things exist. Most updates will have few words because this ain't no god damn blog. G'NIGHT!

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